Hello. I want some opinions on a decklist. It's one for a deck I'm planning to make, but I want some opinions before I buy the cards I lack copies of/don't have at the moment. 

Some questions I want answered

  • More/fewer tactics? Other Tactics?
  • Should I reduce/increase the number of copies of some members?
  • Should I replace a member with another member?

Here is said decklist

Level 5: Overtrance of Holy Light, Yoshichika  x4

Level 4: Shield Smash, Yoshichika x4, A Hero Once Again, Yoshichika x2

Level 3: Shield of Fortitude,Yoshichika x4, Unwavering Conviction, Tamaki x2

Level 2: Desire to Grow Stronger, Yoshichika x4, Intervention Obligation, Yoshichika x2

Level 1: Lost Logic, Yoshichika x2, Trance Talent, Yoshichika x4, Sublime Vow, Athena x4, Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy, Athena x2, Talents of a Logicalist, Yoshichika x4

Tactics: Defense Tactics Lecture x4

Paradox: Dragon Cradle x4, Patriot Smash x4

Gate: TD02

What would a good name for this deck be? (______ Logic)

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