I'm sure this hasn't been the first time this has come up but with each passing week it becomes exceedingly harder to find a way to play this game in my area. It is with no surprise Bushi's fault for the early cancellation of the game due to bad marketing and for shoving out alot of card games already so one of the newer ones was eventually going to stop persisting. Fortunately it was only a region and the game is still going on. Now the issue is even if I have the potential access to the JPN product no one will really play IRL; however, I have quite a few people who are interested in the game and would love to play the game if they weren't paying and playing others IRL. It seems obvious that a digital client would be the best solution to remedy the sad dying gap of a region of players because for the most part (to my knowledge) everyone who has played this game has enjoyed this game and gave the game an overall good review for the design and interactions this game has had. So it is sadly an unfair reality that those players stopped because it was cancelled in their region. I would gladly start making a L&L simulator, but the truth is I don't know how to do the major things required for a client such as this (deck building menus, servers, manipulation of cards via user control, etc) there are a lot of things that has to be done for the initial start up but the rest is essentially updating and management of the client incase bugs exist and persist. If I could get some help or direction in trying to implement this and at least bring joy to the players who did enjoy this game who no longer have an easy access to the cards and of course any new or existing players can play, test, and enjoy themselves however they see fit.

TLDR; I wanna make a digital L&L simulator for the game dying in my region and I need LOTS of help

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