Stand (スタンド sutando) is the state that indicates that members on the field and cards in the level zone are ready to be used. The stand state is indicated by the card being in the vertical, portrait position, and in card abilities it is represented by the Stand icon.

If a card is not standing, it is at rest (レスト resuto), which indicates that it cannot be "used" for the rest of the turn. The rest state is indicated by the card being in the horizontal, landscape position, and in card abilities, it is represented by the Rest icon.

During the stand phase at the beginning of each turn, the turn player stands all of their rested cards on the field and in the level zone, indicating that they can be used again (and rested) this turn. Standing cards during the stand phase is mandatory. Cards may also be stood by certain abilities.

While standing, member cards on the field can be rested by attacking. Cards in the level zone can be rested by the level boosting during the logic definition step. Cards may also be rested for a cost of an ability, or by the effect of an ability.

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