Japanese (base) 会心の笑顔 玉姫
Kana (仮名) カイシンノエガオ タマキ
Romaji (ローマ字) Kaishin no Egao Tamaki
Color Yellow Yellow
World Disfia Disfia
Type Member (Tranceunion Tranceunion)
Character Name Tamaki
Covenanter Xiaolin
Attribute Wisdom / Dragon Spirit
Level 4
Power 9000
Cost 0
Logic Limit+2 Limit+2
Territory 2 Territory2
Aura Aura
Limit 3
Card Abilities
[AUTO] When a "Dragon Cradle" is placed on your battle zone while this member is defending, this member gains +3000 power until the end of that battle.
[Logic Drive] [③] Choose all of your <Wisdom>, and they gain
"[AUTO] When a tactics is placed on your battle zone during this member's battle, this member gains +Aura until the end of that battle" until end of turn. Then, if you have five or more tactics in your drop zone, draw a card.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
AUTO このメンバーの防御中にあなたの「竜を抱く雲海」がバトル領域に置かれた時、そのバトル中、このメンバーにパワー+3000。
Logic Drive [③] あなたのすべての<聡明>を選び、そのターン中、『AUTO このメンバーのバトル中にあなたの戦術がバトル領域に置かれた時、そのバトル中、このメンバーに+Aura。』を与える。さらに、あなたのドロップに戦術が5枚以上あるなら、追加でカードを1枚引く。
Sets (Japanese)
BT01 Growth & Genesis - (BT01/009 - R - 1/28/2016)
  • Flavor: We did it! "We've won!"
    やったね! 『わらわたちの勝利じゃな!』
  • Illust: 潮音
Sets (English)
BT01 Growth & Genesis - (BT01/009EN - R - 6/24/2016)
  • Flavor: We did it! "It is our victory indeed!"
  • Illust: 潮音