Fear of Heights, Mejiko

Servant Mech (従機 Jūki) is an attribute associated with the Tritomy foreigner Larva.

List of Servant Mech membersEdit

Level 1Edit

Level 2Edit

Level 3Edit

Level 4Edit

Member Attributes
Logicalist CharmFaithfulFlowingMeditationJudgmentReverieSinceritySplendorSuperiorWisdom
Septpia Septpia LuckLogicTokonatsu Tokonatsu
Monolium Monolium AvianBlue BeastCanidaeClawed BeastCotton BeastFanged Beast
FelidaeHorned BeastLenticulaPure FlowerRabbit Beast
Disfia Disfia Dragon SpiritElegant SpiritFighting SpiritPrayer SpiritShadow SpiritSpirit Leader
Splendid SpiritSword MindedTao ArtTao SpiritThunder SpiritWarrior Spirit
Tetra-Heaven Tetra-Heaven AffectionCoatlDeath GodFallen AngelPlayfulPoetic
Sacred HeartSpear GodStar HeartSword MindedThunder God
Tritomy Tritomy Battle ArmorCannonCherished MachineElectrical BowElectronicaGlider
Guidance SystemMedic MechPoliceroidServant MechToy Soldier
Luck&Logic Club Luck&Logic Club JuniorLikingLogicLoveLuckSpecialSeason and Episode attributes

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