Japanese (base) 海浜警備 クロエ
Kana (仮名) カイヒンケイビ クロエ
Romaji (ローマ字) Kaihin Keibi Kuroe
Color Green Green
World Monolium Monolium
Type Member (Tranceunion Tranceunion)
Character Name Chloe
Covenanter Fyrill
Attribute Splendor / Blue Beast
Level 2
Power 6000
Cost 0
Logic Aura+2 Aura+2
Territory 1 Territory1
Aura Aura
Limit 1
Card Abilities
[ACT] [[Rest] this member] Choose one of your members, and it gains +1000 power until end of turn. If your opponent has four or more destroyed gates, that member gains +2000 power instead.
[Logic Drive] [③] Draw a card. This member gains +2000 power until end of turn.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
ACT [このメンバーをRestする] あなたのメンバーを1体選び、そのターン中、パワー+1000。さらに、相手が破壊された門が4以上あるなら、代わりにパワー+2000。
Logic Drive [③] カードを1枚引く。そのターン中、このメンバーにパワー+2000。
Sets (Japanese)
BT01 Growth & Genesis - (BT01/080 - C - 1/28/2016)
  • Flavor:
    This summer is as hot as expected...... Hm?
  • Illust: 根岸千秋
Sets (English)
BT01 Growth & Genesis - (BT01/080EN - C - 6/24/2016)
  • Flavor: As expected it's so hot in summer……huh?
  • Illust: 根岸千秋

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