Battle Android, Salt

Salt (ソルト Soruto) is a foreigner associated with the color red, the world of Tritomy, and the Battle Armor attribute. Her covenanter is Yukari.


Salt, full name Salt Humanoid 236 (ソルト・ヒューマノイド236 Soruto Hyumanoido 236), is a defense android from Tritomy sent to Septpia to defend it from other foreigners, and to this end she covenanted with Yukari Nanahoshi. In Septpia, she takes on the form of a flesh-and-blood humanoid with purple hair, but she still retains her robotic mannerisms. Although unfamiliar with basic biological sensations such as taste and smell, Salt began to acknowledge the value of things beyond pure data and efficiency.

List of Salt membersEdit

Level 1Edit

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Level 1Edit

Character Names
Yellow Yellow
Logicalist/World Monolium Monolium Disfia Disfia Tetra-Heaven Tetra-Heaven Tritomy Tritomy
Nina AishaLiliana AmorMichael Emerada
Sena Lyra AsuraLinlin
Tamaki Tia "Divine Music" Otohime
Venus CureSigma
Yoshichika Athena
Red Red
Lion RosaWaffle Belle
Mejiko Huang-Huang
Thanatos Larva
Veronica Rhodanthe Nemesis
Yoshichika HibanaRasetsu
Yukari SandraShiita "Lotus Fragrance" Sennyo Quetzie AryolSalt
Green Green
Ashley JadeSherry Enki Astraea LucaSugar
Chloe DaigaFyrill Nata Taishi Valkyrie Teeb
Olga GineiKoubu Lucifer
Yayoi QipaoNagi
Yuko VestaStyx
Blue Blue
Aoi LottaMelchi BrynhildrThor ArvePino
Giselle Yakusa
Konohana Sakuya
Mahiro SelenDread
Mana Wigo MeiSei Artemis
Sieghard Lucia Megaru
Luck&Logic Club Luck&Logic Club logicalists
Yellow UnneRed AdoGreen Endo-sanGreen RaibuBlue Ronri
Septpia You

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