Japanese (base) 規格外
Kana (仮名) キカクガイ
Romaji (ローマ字) Kikakugai
Color Blue Blue
World Monolium Monolium
Type Tactics
Logic Tactics Tactics
Card Abilities
[AUTO] [①] When this tactics is placed on your battle zone from your hand, if your member in battle is blue, you may pay the cost. If you do, that member gains +2 limit until the end of that battle, and put the top two cards from your deck into your battle zone face up.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
AUTO [①] この戦術が手札からバトル領域に置かれた時、あなたのバトル中のメンバーが青なら、コストを払ってよい。そうしたら、そのバトル中、そのメンバーにリミット+2し、あなたの山札の上から2枚をバトル領域に表向きに置く。
Sets (Japanese)
BT01 Growth & Genesis - (BT01/116 - U - 1/28/2016)
  • Flavor:
    Seems like it's no good if it's not custom made~.
  • Illust: 根岸千秋
Sets (English)
BT01 Growth & Genesis - (BT01/116EN - U - 6/24/2016)
  • Flavor: I guess if it's not a special order they can't do it~.
  • Illust: 根岸千秋