Genius or Fool

Japanese Name



Gusha ka Tensai ka

Airing Date:

January 16, 2016 (JP)

Previous Episode:

Hero or Mob

Next Episode:

Dream or Reality

"Genius or Fool" is the 2nd episode of the Luck & Logic anime.




Luck and Logic Episode 2 English sub23:51

Luck and Logic Episode 2 English sub

Episode List
Episode 1: Hero or Mob
Episode 2: Genius or Fool
Episode 3: Dream or Reality
Episode 4: Freedom or Restraint
Episode 5: Yesterday or Tomorrow
Episode 6: Battle or Surrender
Episode 7: Human or God
Episode 8: Guilt or Innocence
Episode 9: Enemy or Friend
Episode 10: Heaven or Hell
Episode 11: Despair or Destruction
Episode 12: Luck and Logic

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