Japanese (base) 神域の処刑場 (Sanctuary Execution Site)
Kana (仮名) エンドオブギルティ
Romaji (ローマ字) Endo obu Giruti
Color Red Red
World Tetra-Heaven Tetra-Heaven
Type Paradox
Logic Paradox Paradox
Card Abilities
Paradox Rule ▶▶▶ Aura Battle!!
[CONT] All of your red members gain +Aura.
[AUTO] [Rest a "Veronica" in your level zone] When this paradox is placed on your battle zone, if your member in battle is red, you may pay the cost. If you do, put the top card from your opponent's stock zone into their drop zone.
Card Abilities (JP/日本語)
逆理法制パラドックスルール ▶▶▶ AURA勝負!!
CONT あなたのすべての赤のメンバーに+Aura
AUTO [レベル領域の「ヴェロニカ」を1枚Restする] この逆理がバトル領域に置かれた時、あなたのバトル中のメンバーが赤なら、コストを払ってよい。そうしたら、相手のストックの上から1枚をドロップする。
Sets (Japanese)
BT02 Believe & Betray - (BT02/065 - PxR - 3/25/2016)
  • Flavor:
    To go against a god is a sin that cannot be atoned for with a single life.
  • Illust: ユウヒ
Sets (English)
BT02 Believe & Betray - (BT02/071EN - PxR - 8/26/2016)
  • Flavor: Disobeying the Gods. One cannot compensate the punishment in one lifetime.
  • Illust: ユウヒ