Outside of the game, the player's deck is composed of two distinct parts: The main deck (メインデッキ Meindekki) and the gate deck (ゲートデッキ Gētodekki).

  • Your main deck:
    • Must contain exactly 50 cards, and only cards with white backs; that is, member, tactics, and paradox cards.
    • May only have up to 4 cards with the same card name.
    • Must have exactly 8 paradox cards.
  • Your gate deck:
    • Must have exactly 10 gate cards, which have a black backing.
    • May only have up to 2 gate cards with the same gate number.

At the beginning of the game, each player puts his/her main deck into the deck zone after shuffling, and the top five cards from it are drawn to become his/her starting hand. The gate deck has no corresponding zone in gameplay, but the top six cards from it are set face-down in each of your circles after shuffling, while the other four are put into the remove zone.

Gameplay of the Luck & Logic TCG
Colors Yellow YellowRed RedGreen GreenBlue BlueColorless
Worlds Monolium MonoliumDisfia DisfiaTritomy TritomyTetra-Heaven Tetra-HeavenSeptpia SeptpiaLuck&Logic Club Luck&Logic Club
Card Types Member (LogicalistForeignerTranceunionSuper logicalist)
TacticsGateParadoxMy Logicalist
Phases Stand phaseDraw phaseLevel phaseMain phaseBattle phaseEnd phase
Zones Deck (Deck construction) ● HandField (Circle) ● Level zoneStock zoneBattle zoneIntercept zone
Paradox zoneDrop zoneMy Logicalist zonePurge zoneRemove zoneSecret tool zone
Game Actions AttackCostDestroyDrawDiscardLogicLuck DriveMobilizePurge
SetStand Stand / Rest RestRefreshStock boostStock open/closeTrance
Terms and Keywords Ability (Logic Drive) ● Blink MoveCovenantExplosionEX Soul
Training (Secret Tool Skill) ● Trance ChangeT-rankVanguard
Miscellaneous Card Usage Restriction

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