• CrystalSora

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  • Altares of L.T.

    I'm sure this hasn't been the first time this has come up but with each passing week it becomes exceedingly harder to find a way to play this game in my area. It is with no surprise Bushi's fault for the early cancellation of the game due to bad marketing and for shoving out alot of card games already so one of the newer ones was eventually going to stop persisting. Fortunately it was only a region and the game is still going on. Now the issue is even if I have the potential access to the JPN product no one will really play IRL; however, I have quite a few people who are interested in the game and would love to play the game if they weren't paying and playing others IRL. It seems obvious that a digital client would be the best solution to …

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  • EiPe1998

    Hello. I want some opinions on a decklist. It's one for a deck I'm planning to make, but I want some opinions before I buy the cards I lack copies of/don't have at the moment. 

    Some questions I want answered

    • More/fewer tactics? Other Tactics?
    • Should I reduce/increase the number of copies of some members?
    • Should I replace a member with another member?

    Here is said decklist

    Level 5: Overtrance of Holy Light, Yoshichika  x4

    Level 4: Shield Smash, Yoshichika x4, A Hero Once Again, Yoshichika x2

    Level 3: Shield of Fortitude,Yoshichika x4, Unwavering Conviction, Tamaki x2

    Level 2: Desire to Grow Stronger, Yoshichika x4, Intervention Obligation, Yoshichika x2

    Level 1: Lost Logic, Yoshichika x2, Trance Talent, Yoshichika x4, Sublime Vow, Athena x4, Goddess o…

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  • Ol1via12


    May 5, 2017 by Ol1via12
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  • BondageBear484

    I have two decks which are my Yukari and Mejiko deck. I'd say my Yukari deck is my main, but I made Mejiko just in case if I need a "tier" deck to use. My problems initially is pure luck to losing to gate 4 ლಠ益ಠ)ლ other than that I have big problems trying to be aggressive. No matter if I go first or second I can't seem to pull the win. I will posts my lists below. Yes I'm planning to enter my BCS when I scrub out of Vanguard and I want that Top 4 mat. I mainly need to know like everything lol 

    Level 4

    4x Burning Grudge, Mejiko

    2x Blessing Wind of Restoration, Yukari

    1x Going to Hades, Mejiko

    1x Viper Fall, Yukari

    Level 3

    3x Carnage Leg, Sena

    1x Binding Prayer Beads, Mejiko

    Level 2

    4x Evil Spirit on Both Hands, Mejiko

    4x One Sided Trance, Mejiko


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  • MarxMayhem

    My dream Tamaki deck, consisting of mostly Disfia cards, pre-Level 4 trances focuses on defense while gathering resources for the Level 4 stuff. Probably could use better paradoxes, but hey, please tell me. XD

    Level 4

    • 1x Dignified Heavenly Dragon of Electricity Formation, Tamaki
    • 2x Power of Bonds, Tamaki
    • 3x Glistening Emperor Jewel, Tamaki

    Level 3

    • 2x Summoned by the Ocean, Tamaki
    • 4x Wand of Raining Thunder, Tamaki

    Level 2

    • 2x Awakened Power, Tamaki
    • 4x Counter Current Shock, Tamaki


    • 2x Delicate Smile, Tamaki
    • 4x Skilled Writing, Tamaki
    • 4x In a Rush, Tamaki


    • 2x ALCA Member, Xiaolin
    • 4x Musical Performer, "Divine Music" Otohime
    • 4x Pride of the Dragon Family, Xiaolin


    • 2x Defense Tactics Lecture
    • 2x Speak with My Fists


    • 4x Arc Bolt on Stag…

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  • MarxMayhem

    Here's a Chloe deck I've come up with for fun (and for fun because this is gonna be a costly deck), capitalizing on Chloe's stock-gathering abilities.


    • 4x Fully Enjoying Her Day Off, Chloe
    • 4x Full Speed Patrol, Chloe
    • 2x Sharpshooting! Chloe


    • 4x Goddess of War, Valkyrie
    • 4x Strength to Smash Boulders, Daiga
    • 2x Free Spirited, Daiga

    Lv1 Tranceunion

    • 4x ALCA's Number One Aggressor, Chloe

    Lv2 Tranceunion

    • 4x Attack from the Trees, Chloe

    Lv3 Tranceunion

    • 4x Golden Miracle, Chloe

    Lv4 Tranceunion

    • 1x Special Tiger Crush, Chloe
    • 2x Super Tiger Claw! Chloe
    • 3x The Battle is Just Beginning, Chloe


    • 4x Triumph Tour Final
    • 4x Decider Battle


    • 2x Cyclone Punch!
    • 2x Embarrassing Encounter


    • 2x (Gate 5) Nemesis (card)
    • 2x (Gate 2) (Any)
    • 2x (Gate 3) (Any)
    • 2x (…

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  • Ol1via12

    Yukari deck help!!

    April 4, 2017 by Ol1via12

    So anyone having any idea on a good build for "Yukari"?

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  • MarxMayhem

    As title says. I wanna get a tournament-ready deck by the time an official Bushi tournament rolls around my country. This is the deck that I want to use for it (unless future purchases grant me better clans/color/character support), and I really want help so I can get this done right away.

    But first....

    I asked this on the last blog and I got no response about it. >3< I got an unopened box of BT04 ready to do it with too (okay, I swear I'll focus on packs that actually matter to me after this one).

    So this is what I would like to call a Disfia Rush deck. Essentially, I wanna get the 10 Disfia tranceunions to the drop as fast as possible, primarily with the help of Thunder Strike of the High Heavens, Giselle, to power up units later with Glist…

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  • Falcomster

    RIP Luck and Logic

    January 23, 2017 by Falcomster

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