An attribute (属性 zokusei) is a characteristic located at the bottom right of every member card.

An attribute is text describing the card. For logicalists, it describes a primary personality trait of that character, while for foreigners, it describes their race, the type of being they are. Tranceunions have the attributes of both the logicalist and the foreigner that combine into that tranceunion.

Attributes have no direct effect on gameplay, although they may be referenced by abilities.

Member Attributes
Logicalist CharmFaithfulFlowingMeditationJudgmentReverieSinceritySplendorSuperiorWisdom
Septpia Septpia LuckLogicMoon MoonStar StarSun SunTokonatsu Tokonatsu
Monolium Monolium AvianBlue BeastCanidaeClawed BeastCotton BeastFanged Beast
FelidaeHorned BeastLenticulaPure FlowerRabbit Beast
Disfia Disfia Dragon SpiritElegant SpiritFighting SpiritPrayer SpiritShadow SpiritSpirit Leader
Splendid SpiritSword MindedTao ArtTao SpiritThunder SpiritWarrior Spirit
Tetra-Heaven Tetra-Heaven AffectionBeast GodCoatlDeath GodFallen AngelPlayfulPoeticSacred Heart
Spear GodStar HeartSword MindedThunder GodTraining HeartWater Heart
Tritomy Tritomy Battle ArmorCannonCherished MachineElectrical BowElectronicaGlider
Guidance SystemHeavy WarshipMedic MechPoliceroidServant MechToy Soldier
Luck&Logic Club Luck&Logic Club JuniorLikingLogicLoveLuckSpecialSeason and Episode attributes

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