For this character as she appears in the anime, see Athena.
PR-0015 (Sample)

Smiling Goddess, Athena

Athena (アテナ Atena) is a foreigner associated with the color yellow, the world of Tetra-Heaven, and the Sacred Heart attribute. Her covenanter is Yoshichika.

List of Athena membersEdit

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Character Names
Yellow Yellow
Logicalist/World Monolium Monolium Disfia Disfia Tetra-Heaven Tetra-Heaven Tritomy Tritomy
Nina AishaLiliana AmorMichael Emerada
Sena Lyra Asura
Tamaki Tia "Divine Music" Otohime
Venus CureSigma
Yoshichika Athena
Red Red
Lion RosaWaffle
Mejiko Huang-Huang Larva
Veronica Rhodanthe Nemesis
Yoshichika HibanaRasetsu
Yukari SandraShiita "Lotus Fragrance" Sennyo Quetzie AryolSalt
Green Green
Ashley JadeSherry Enki Astraea LucaSugar
Chloe DaigaFyrill Valkyrie Teeb
Olga GineiKoubu Lucifer
Yayoi Qipao
Blue Blue
Aoi LottaMelchi BrynhildrThor ArvePino
Giselle Yakusa
Mahiro Seren
Mana MeiSei Artemis
Sieghard Lucia Megaru
Luck&Logic Club Luck&Logic Club logicalists
Yellow UnneRed AdoGreen Endo-sanGreen RaibuBlue Ronri
Septpia You

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